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1) I experience problems falling asleep.
2) I experience problems staying asleep.
3) I frequently experience a second wind (high energy) late at night.
4) I have energy highs and lows throughout the day.
5) I feel tired all the time.
6) I need caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, etc) to get going in the morning.
7) I usually go to bed after 10 pm.
8) I frequently get less than 8 hours of sleep per night.
9) I am easily fatigued.
10) Things I used to enjoy seem like a chore lately.
11) My sex drive is lower than it used to be.
12) I suffer from depression, or have recently been experiencing feelings of depression such as sadness, or loss of motivation.
13) If I skip meals I feel low energy or foggy and disoriented.
14) My ability to handle stress has decreased.
15) I find that I am easily irritated or upset.
16) I have had one or more stressful major life events. (ie: divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, new baby, new job)
17) I tend to overwork with little time for play or relaxation for extended periods of time.
18) I crave sweets.
19) I frequently skip meals or eat sporadically.
20) I am experiencing increased physical complaints such as muscle aches, headaches, or more frequent illnesses.
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